Herbal compress ball for aromatherapy REVITAL

Feel the spice! Write a review! This hand-wrapped linen aromatherapy ball, full of warm spices, vitalises and helps detox your body and mind. Feel the energy of ginger root, joined by the oriental touch of cardamon seeds and the evergreen aroma of rosemary amongst all the other herbs we picked for your welbeing.
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RIce, salt, cinnamon Ceylon bark, ginger root, cardamon, cloves, zedoary root, pepper black, rosemary, sweet marjoram, dill tops, hyssop wort.

STENDERS herbal compress balls can be heated up and used for an aromatic massage anywhere on the body or face. Use it for tired feet, a strained back, or tensed shoulders after a long day. You can also lie down and put the ball on your forehead to help relieve a stuffy feeling in the nose, or press it between your neck and a pillow to ease any tension in the neck.

How to use?
1. Heat the ball properly: ~4 min. in the microwave or steaming pot.
You can also steam it for ~10 min. in a regular pot – use a strainer above boiling water and remember to put on a lid.
2. Be careful when removing the hot ball; best to use a towel or oven mits.
3. Let it cool for a moment, until comfortable to touch.
4. Enjoy the wonders of aromatherapy! For taking extra care of your skin, use a massage oil, too – for example, apricot kernel or sweet almond.
5. When the compress ball cools down, either re-heat it to continue, or leave to dry thoroughly.

It’s best to have only one person use one set of compress balls. Depending on the intensity and length of one use, the balls will remain optimally effective up to 3 times.

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